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The Festival presents the world's most renowned artists!


The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet,  Berta Rojas,  Andrew York,  Jason Vieaux,  Martha Masters,  Adam del Monte,  The Brasil Guitar Duo, Thibault Chauvin,  Grisha Goryachev,  Jérôme Mouffe,  Dr. Craig Russell
Lecture:  "Dissecting The Music of the 2013 Festival" by Dr. Craig Russell.

Masterclasses by:  Scott Tennant,  Andrew York,  Berta Rojas,  Bill Kanengiser, and Adam del Monte.
A display of a guitar-themed art exhibit.

Pepe Romero,  Roland Dyens,  Ana Vidovic,  Adam del Monte,  The San Francisco Guitar Quartet,  Johannes Möller,  Raphaella Smits,  Thomas Viloteau,  Pavel Steidl,  the Chris Jácome Flamenco Quartet,  Calmenco!,
and Dr. Craig Russell.
Lecture:  "Culture & Guitar Performance in Baroque Spain:  Time to play a little Thrash Metal and Blues!" by Dr. Craig Russell.
Display of the Forderer Collection of Rare and Historic Guitars

Manuel Barrueco,  The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet,  Carlos Barbosa-Lima,  Berta Rojas,  David Tannenbaum,  the Alturas Duo
(guitar/charrango & guitar/viola),  David Leisner,  Jérémy Jouve,  Michael Partington,  Carlos Pérez, and  Judicaël Perroy. 
Lecture/Interview:  "Instruments in The Forderer Collection of Rare and Historic Guitars", by Jim Forderer and Dr. Thomas Heck.  And an intimate interview with Jim Forderer.
Display of the Forderer Collection of Rare and Historic Guitars

Pepe Romero,  Ana Vidovic,  Roland Dyens,  Scott Tennant,  Martha Masters,  Risa Carlson,  David Burgess,  Marcos Dias,  the Calmenco! Trio with Tony Harmon and Ray Pannell
(guitars) & Johnny Sandoval (percussion),  Triada Guitar Trio and  The Chris Burton Jácome Flamenco Trio.
Lecture:  "Recent Research on the Origins  of the Six-String Guitar" by Dr. Thomas Heck
Display of the Forderer Collection of Rare and Historic Guitars

Adam del Monte,  Fabio Zanon,  Roland Dyens,  Andrew York,  Berta Rojas,  John Schneider,  Cem Duroz Tango Duo
with Coco Trivisonno (bandoneon)/Cem Duroz (guitar),  Elena Papandreou,  James Edwards,  Lukas Kuropaczewski, and The Venere Lute Quartet.
Lecture:  “Just Intonation” by John Schneider and David Doty.

San Francisco Guitar Quartet,  Ana Vidovic,  Cem Duruoz,  Paul Gaibraith,  Stuart Green,  The Ahlert/Schwab Duo
(guitar/violin),  Jesus Saiz-Huedo,  Ronn McFarlane (lute),  The Katona Twins,  Lily Afshar, and  The Tolosa Strings Quartet, w/Reed Gilchrist (guitar).
Lectures:  "What to look for when buying a guitar"  with Gregory Byers, Lester DeVoe, Jeffrey Elliott, Cyndy Burton, and Armin Kelly.

The Kenny Burrell Quartet,  The Falla Trio,  Martha Masters,  Scott Tennant,  The Cavatino Duo,  Franco Platino,  The Guitar Express, 
and The Cal Poly University Guitar Ensemble. 
Lectures: "The state of Guitar Education in the 21st Century & the Value of Guitar Ensembles" by Gunnar Eisel and Dr. Craig Russell.
Luthier Lectures: by John Gilbert and Tom Humphrey.

Antigoni Goni,  Bill Kanengiser,  Adam del Monte,  Judicaël Perroy,  Kevin Gallagher,  The Grey/Pearl Duo,
and  James Edwards.
Lecturers: "10 Challenges Facing the Classical Guitar Community" by Gunnar Eisel, and "Those Delightful Troubles in Writing a Guitar Concerto", by Dr. Craig Russell
Luthier Lectures: by Kenny Hill and Greg Byers.


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